A gift for a motorcyclist

A gift for a motorcyclist

As usually happens in November, after the All Saints' Day, in the supermarkets, Santa Clauses appear, and the slogan Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday appears more and more often. It means Christmas is coming! We have to think about presents for our loved ones. What to do when we want to find the perfect gift for a motorcyclist?

It's best to abandon things related to clothing. Jackets, gloves, helmets must be well-matched, so it is best to leave them to the its user. In this way, we will avoid a situation in which a freshly unpacked helmet is much too big or impossible to wear at all.

A phone in the service of a motorcyclist

Nowadays, we can not imagine living without a smartphone. The telephone has ceased to be used only for telephone conversations. Today, using it, we take photos, check the information on the Internet, and find the way to the destination. While taking pictures at a stop or searching for accommodation is not a problem, navigating the motorcycle requires the use of a suitable phone holder. It is worth to our motorcyclist to offer such a universal bracket dedicated to his motorcycle, to which he will be able to securely and securely attach for example a RAM phone holder in a comfortable and visible place. If the motorcyclist is already the owner of a motorcycle navigation, mounted for example on the steering wheel, he will certainly be happy with the possibility of moving his GPS receiver into a new, more visible place.
The phone is mounted in a dedicated holder

Motorcycle for special tasks

If our motorcyclist is in favor of frequent lowering of asphalt roads, it is worth giving him the side stand extension. Such a pad, mounted on the side stand will allow you to put the motorcycle on any ground without worrying about its possible overturning. The stock side stand of motorcycles have a small area, therefore putting the motorcycle outside the paved ground, i.e. on sand, on the grass, the stand can stick to the ground, which will cause the motorcycle to fall over and probably the tears of the motorcycle rider at the sight of broken plastics or levers on the steering wheel. Side stand extension increases the area on which the motorcycle rests, and therefore reduces the chances of the machine tipping over.
Extension mounted on the side stand

At the end of the world and beyond

The motorcyclist we want to make happy likes long distances? In this case, a great idea for a gift will be top case rack. Thanks to it, the amount of luggage that can be taken on a motorcycle is increased. Special hooks in the rack are ideal for attaching additional luggage such as a sleeping bag or tent.
The rack mounted on the top case

Of course, we should remembered that in Christmas presents it is not important what gift we give, it is important that we give it with our heart :)

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