Changing the height of the motorcycle

Changing the height of the motorcycle

Changing the height of the motorcycle

When you buy a motorcycle, you look at a lot of factors. The brand, power, or even color is one of the many decisions the person buying a motorcycle is facing. Once you find the right machine, it's time for a test drive. You sit down, and suddenly it turns out that the motorcycle seat is too high for you.

So what do you do when it is THIS motorcycle? You are left to look for ways to lower the height of your two wheels.

But what exactly is it?

A freshly baked motorcyclist may think that this is not a big problem. Finally reaches the footrests, the gearshift and brake lever in the range. A more experienced person will, however, know that the matter is not so simple. Withdrawing a motorcycle when you reach the ground with only your fingers may not be possible. Balancing the motorcycle between cars in a traffic jam will also not be easy at the time, especially since the motorcycle can then stand on the 'hill' between the ruts on the sides. When you will then want to set foot, it may turn out that you lack more than usual to the ground.

What can you do about it?

The best solution will be to direct your first steps to an authorized service center. Perhaps it will turn out that the manufacturer of your motorcycle has anticipated the needs of its short customers and offers factory-lowered, narrower seats. In addition, the service can remove the right amount of sponge from your seat by lowering it in this way. Sometimes, even the manufacturer offers ready-made spare parts or moto accessories that lower the motorcycle.

What are you sure you should not do?

It should be emphasized that we do not recommend unauthorized modifications consisting in changing the mounting points of the shock absorber or swingarm, or shortening the springs. Such actions reduce the suspension's strength, are unreliable and cause great danger. No one needs to convince you how dangerous it is to detach the shock absorber while driving on the motorway.

What if not an authorized service center?

When you think that the manufacturer's website is not able to help you, you can use other solutions. The aftermarket motorcycle accessories market is rich in various solutions that allow you to lower your motorcycle.

Modified seat

There are companies operating on the market that process motorcycle seats according to the customer's expectations. This service is based on the fact that you give them your stock seat, and the company transforms it in such a way that it meets your needs and satisfies the tastes. Here comes the additional advantage of such a solution. In addition to removing a few centimeters of sponge from the seat, you can choose a different cover. You can change not only the color, but also cut, texture, or even you can add embroidery with your own name or logo.

Suspension links

Manufacturers of moto accessories have interchangeable suspension elements that allow you to change the height of the motorcycle. When choosing them, pay attention to several important links traits.

The first of them is the material from which the links are made. Many manufacturers make their connectors with aluminum, boasting that their product is characterized by extremely low weight. They neglect the very important aspect of links strength. Suspension links made of aluminum will have lower strength than similar links made of steel. You should then look for the steel links.

The second important factor in the selection of suspension links is the method of anti-corrosion protection. Some manufacturers use powder coating in their products. The solution is aesthetic, but you must be aware that there is a need to periodically check your suspension. Spatters from stones, for example, could in the future turn into corrosion centers, and these dangerously lower links strength! The second method is the use of coatings by, for example, galvanizing. Such a coating is more durable because it is more complex with the protected material and is therefore more resistant to mechanical damage. However, it is best if the bones are made of stainless steel. In this case, you keep anti-corrosive protection even after cutting a piece of material, for example after a very strong stone impact. You then have the certainty that such links will serve you as long as the entire motorcycle.

The third no less important factor is the way the suspension links are made. Links that have a very simple construction are characterized by greater reliability than adjustable infinitely screw-fasteners that can be found on online auctions from the Far East. It is worth looking at the motorcycle and see what solution the manufacturer of your motorcycle used and choose a similar product. It’s not without the reason that the manufacturer uses a simple steel connector instead of a sophisticated one that allows for smooth adjustment of the length. It’s just a steel connector is harder to break.

Everything with common sense

As you can see, the short motorcyclists are not left alone. There are ways to safely obtain a lower position of the seat of your motorcycle. As in everything, however, you need to keep moderation. You do not want the wheel to hit the fender on the ordinary dirt road, because you set the suspension too low.

On the Advalp webstore - a Polish manufacturer of motorcycle accessories - you can find suspension bones for many popular motorcycles. If your motorcycle is too high for you, contact us - we will always be happy to help you and advise you.

In the post I used the modified photo “Dutch Minibike race Lelystad” by Alex Schoots published in the public domain.

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