How to equip a motorcycle before a trip in the field?

How to equip a motorcycle before a trip in the field?

How to equip a motorcycle before a trip in the field?

When short trips to the most distant parts of your city, or even the provinces, are no longer enough for you, an irresistible urge to move into the unknown will probably appear in you. However, before you venture so far that black asphalt will be present only in your memories, it is worth considering what accessories should be equipped with your motorcycle.

Side chests and central trunk

The first and basic purchase that should be made during the preparations for the first trip should be a set of side panniers and a central case. You drive where your sight will bear, so it will be hard to put on your own or put in a standard motorcycle storage (which most likely comes down to a small space under the seat, which barely comes in the key and screwdriver provided by the motorcycle manufacturer). Remember the solid frame for the panniers, because the heaviest things will be evenly distributed in both panniers, so that the center of gravity of the machine along with the baggage was as low as possible. For the central case put in light luggage items and those things that may be necessary while driving, such as rain cover, provisions, etc. It is worth to buy an additional rack mounted on the lid of the central case. It allows you to attach a part of the luggage, such as a tent, sleeping bag or foam mat outside the case, thus saving valuable place in the case.

Engine cover

It is not necessary to convince anyone that after the oil pan is broken in your engine, the motorcycle will not go anymore. Such damage will most likely cause a premature and costly end of the trip, so it is necessary to protect against such an eventuality. The solution to this problem is the installation of the engine guard of your motorcycle. Such a shield should not only have contempt for mud and gravel, but also take on the stones that could jump straight out of the wheel on your engine. However, before you move to the assembly of the armored plate under the motorcycle, let's consider how the shield should work. The purpose of the shield when meeting, for example, with a stone is to absorb the impact energy. You do not want that if the impact proves to be too strong, the frame, which accepted the energy transmitted by the shield, has been damaged. It is important, therefore, that the cover is made in a way that allows it to bend back slightly with a solid 'shot'. The bending of the sheet will consume the energy that goes straight to the stone engine, and your worry will be a slightly crooked cover, not a damaged engine or frame.

Additional covers

Additional protection of the motorcycle can be protection of elements such as water and oil radiators. Both of these parts are not very strong due to their construction and can easily be damaged when they hit a branch or stone.

High glass or deflector

If you are the owner of a typical off-road motorcycle, such as the BMW R1200GS, you are in a quite comfortable position. The standard windshield in such motorcycles is quite high and provides good protection against the wind. What to do, however, when nature has not raised your height, and the motorcycle design engineer shined the shields? You can then buy an accessory, higher windscreen for the motorcycle. Not always, however, such panes are available for your motorcycle model. In this case, the solution may be a deflector. It is a type of tile made of the same material as the windshield, mounted with appropriate fixtures, fixed or adjustable, to the current windshield in the motorcycle. Particularly noteworthy are the adjustable deflectors, in which the level of protection against the wind can be changed depending on whether you are just 'flying' on the highway, or visiting the area from the saddle and a bit of coolness would be even indicated. If you are somewhat lucky, you may find that there are adjustable windshield brackets dedicated to your motorcycle on the market. Thanks to this, you can adjust the air stream by placing the entire motorcycle window in a convenient position.

Other accessories

When you've done the above, you're almost ready to go. If your budget for an 'arms race' still exists, you can buy less obvious, but often equally useful accessories. A good example here can be the widening of the side stand extension dedicated to your motorcycle. This solution will allow you to sleep peacefully when the motorcycle will be on sand or wet grass. Widening is to increase the surface of the side foot, and thus prevent the foot from collapsing into the ground, which may result in the motorcycle tipping over and palpitations of the heart at the sight of the broken mirror or direction indicators.

Another item worth purchasing is a dedicated GPS holder. Unlike the universal ones, the dedicated grip will keep your navigation more confidently, will often be placed in a more convenient place, and therefore its use will be safer for you, as well as for your cheaper navigation.

In this way, you got a dear motorcyclist to the end of dressing your motorcycle with accessories that will allow you to discover the unknown (and get back from there!). You still have to equip yourself, but this is already considered for another time ...

In the post I used the modified photo pt. "Sahara Desert- Morocco" by John Y. Can published under license CC BY 2.0.

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