How to take care of the battery in the winter?

How to take care of the battery in the winter?

The weather outside the window ceased to pamper. After a hot summer and a surprisingly long and warm autumn, it's time to think about a winter outlet for our motorcycle.

When we leave our machine for wintering, it is worth thinking about the first spring ride not be disappointing and fast ringing of battery stores.

The battery has the feature that over time, its self-discharge gradually occurs. During the seasons, this phenomenon is negligible due to two facts. First of all, when we start the motorcycle, the battery is charged by the alternator. Secondly, positive temperatures lower the speed of self-discharge of the battery. In the winter season, both of these saving situations for our battery cease to take place. The motorcycle is in the garage for several months, often in an unheated garage where the temperature can drop below zero. If we winter the motorcycle in a heated garage, the situation is a bit better, but then it is worth not to leave the battery unattended.

It is a good idea to connect the battery once every few weeks to the charger. However, we must keep in mind that this charger could charge motorcycle batteries, and exactly should be able to charge with a small current. Charging the battery with a current that is too high can lead to permanent damage.

Today, we can stock up on an automatic, microprocessor battery charger for 80-150 PLN (18-35€). Such a charger doesn't have to be very powerful when charging a motorcycle battery, so its price won't be excessive. Often in this type of equipment, in addition to the charging mode of the motorcycle and car battery, we also have a winter mode. In this mode, the charger will charge the battery and then go into the maintenance state of the battery. Thanks to this we can, for example, take the battery home (the room temperature will definitely be better for the battery than around 0 Celsius degrees in the garage), plug it into the charger and forget about its existence until spring - the charger will take care of our battery throughout the winter it was nice and comfortable :)

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