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W dniach 29.07-06.08.2017 w naszej firmie ma miejsce przerwa wakacyjna. Wszelkie zamówienia złożone w tym terminie będą realizowane po tym terminie, tj. od dnia 07.08.2017. Za utrudnienia z tego wynikłe przepraszamy.
On 29.07-06.08.2017 there is a holiday break in our company. All orders placed within this deadline will be processed after that date, ie from 07.08.2017. For the trouble caused by this we apologize.

  • Side stand extensions

    Side stand extensions

    Our side stand extensions are the perfect, if its necessary to stand the motorcycle on an unstable surface (sand, mud, etc.).

  • Wind deflectors

    Wind deflectors

    Windshield ad-ons that helps to control the air flow.

  • Suspension links

    Suspension links

    Our suspension links allows to change the seat height, depending on the variant from -40mm to + 40mm.

  • Engine guards

    Engine guards

    Our engine guards

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