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How to equip a motorcycle before a trip in the field?

When short trips to the most distant parts of your city, or even the provinces, are no longer enough for you, an irresistible urge to move into the unknown will probably appear in you. However, before you venture so far that black asphalt will be present only in your memories, it is worth considering what accessories should be equipped with your motorcycle.

May 6, 2019 Tips
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Lowering the bike

When you buy a motorcycle, you look at a lot of factors. The brand, power, or even color is one of the many decisions the person buying a motorcycle is facing. Once you find the right machine, it's time for a test drive. You sit down, and suddenly it turns out that the motorcycle seat is too high for you. So what do you do when it is THIS motorcycle? You are left to look for ways to lower the height of your two wheels.

January 14, 2019 Tips
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A gift for a motorcyclist

As usually happens in November, after the All Saints' Day, in the supermarkets, Santa Clauses appear, and the slogan Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday appears more and more often. It means Christmas is coming! We have to think about presents for our loved ones. What to do when we want to find the perfect gift for a motorcyclist?

November 2, 2018 Tips
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How to take care of the battery in the winter?

The weather outside the window ceased to pamper. After a hot summer and a surprisingly long and warm autumn, it's time to think about a winter outlet for our motorcycle.

October 15, 2018 Tips
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Is it worth using a deflector or tilt regulator in the motorcycle?

Probably no motorcyclist who had the opportunity to travel for several hundred kilometers by the motorway does not need to be convinced of how much noise reaches his ears. It is easy to guess that prolonged exposure to noise does not have a good effect on the...

June 14, 2018 Tips
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Why are lowering bones longer than the stock ones?

If you need lowering bones, you'll receive bones longer than the stock ones. Similarly, if you need rising bones, you will receive shorter bones than the factory ones. Why such a relationship? Check further in the article, where I will try to explain simply and...

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