Triumph Tiger 900 suspension links
  • Triumph Tiger 900 suspension links
  • Triumph Tiger 900 suspension links

Triumph Tiger 900 suspension links

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Suspension links causing lowering or raising the Triumph Tiger 900 motorcycle.


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Stainless steel

Suspension links used to modify the motorcycle height for Triumph Tiger 900. They do not fit factory lowered version.

Lowering bones are longer than the original ones. They cause the liftarm to be raised, thus moving the rear wheel closer to the fender. After leaving the motorcycle, the seat is lower - the motorcycle is lowered. Raising bones are shorter than the original one. Their use causes lowering of the swingarm, so the rear wheel is moved further away from the fender. After leaving the motorcycle the seat is higher - the motorcycle is raised.

Why is it worth to choose our links?

  • Presented price is a set fee (2 pieces), which is all you need to lower or raise your motorcycle.
  • Bones are made with laser cutting technology. The material used for production is stainless steel. You can be sure that you are buying a high quality product with high precision, ensuring many years of trouble-free use.
  • Our suspension bones are designed to provide greater durability than factory bones.

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